Introducing Gimme Space, a Space Survival Game!

 Mangum Labs is pleased to introduce Gimme Space, our new space survival game!

In Gimme Space, the goal is to keep your spaceship in once piece for as long as possible! In outer space, this isn't easy; meteors, comets, and rockets will rain down on you from all directions! Can you survive through the progressively more difficult waves of debris? Download now to find out!

As you are playing, Power Ups appear around the map that you can collect to give you different temporary boosts. You can also shoot enemies to gain more "Upgrade Power," which can be spent on making permanent upgrades to you spaceship for the game.

Gimme Space comes with a few great Multiplayer options. You can play locally, on one device, with one other person. You can also connect over Wifi or Bluetooth to play with as many friends have the app installed on their devices!

Finally, Gimme Space comes with Game Center built-in, so you can compare your scores with everyone else playing, and even send challenges to your friends!

Gimme Space is an exciting new addition to Mangum Labs' lineup of great apps, and it should be hitting the App Store soon. Stay tuned!