Bag Claim: Mangum Labs' newest app!

Bag Claim: Our newest app!

Mangum Labs is releasing its newest app, Bag Claim. Bag Claim is a game that puts you in control of a luggage carousel in an airport.

In Bag Claim, your job is to sort the bags that are rapidly spewing out of the machine to all the waiting passengers who just got off their flights. Hurry though, because if you aren't fast enough, the passengers will get angry. And if you're really too slow, game over.

After each round, you are gifted coins based on your performance. Coins can be used in the Shop to purchase "Shop Packs," which include custom bag and passenger skins. Packs range from the "More Bags" pack to the really prestigious "Presidential Pack." Don't have enough dough? Not to worry, coins can also be purchased for real money if you want to progress really quickly.

Bag Claim also comes
with full music controls and several options for catchy music to listen to as you play.

Bag Claim is coming to the app store soon, likely within the week. Make sure to follow for the latest news on the development of Mangum Labs games, and to be the first to know once Bag Claim hits the app store.