Call Me On A Mission: MangumLabs' first non-game app!

 Call Me On A Mission

    At MangumLabs, we've been working hard these past few months to bring you our latest app, Call Me On A Mission! This is also our first non-game app, being instead used for displaying interesting data. We noticed that there was currently no app available that displayed data on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's missions, especially stuff like the mission's boundaries and languages. It was also inspired by a common game played among missionary families in the Church, in which one member tries to simulate or guess another's mission call. These motivations are what led us to create Call Me On A Mission.

    The main feature of the app is a big globe which the user can scroll around on, viewing the data. The cool data is the mission boundaries, which are outlined on the map. We've found most people just like to "look around" at all the missions arrayed on the map, as they've never seen the data displayed like this before.

    Tapping on a mission on the map will bring up the mission's detail page, with the data we've collected displayed, including flags of places inside the mission, regions that correspond to those flags, and the mission's languages. Alternatively, a user may press the "call me on a mission" button to take them through an animation meant to simulate the excitement of opening a mission call, choosing a random mission that they are "called" on.

    We also have the mission data displayed in a list form, for a different viewing experience and easy searchability for the user, if they're looking for a specific mission. There is also the ability to filter the missions by continent as well.

    Call Me On A Mission should be hitting the App Store in the next few days! We're excited to be bringing this great app to the store. We know that we'll use it, and hope that others will, too. Stay tuned for more from MangumLabs!

Introducing Gimme Space, a Space Survival Game!

 Mangum Labs is pleased to introduce Gimme Space, our new space survival game!

In Gimme Space, the goal is to keep your spaceship in once piece for as long as possible! In outer space, this isn't easy; meteors, comets, and rockets will rain down on you from all directions! Can you survive through the progressively more difficult waves of debris? Download now to find out!

As you are playing, Power Ups appear around the map that you can collect to give you different temporary boosts. You can also shoot enemies to gain more "Upgrade Power," which can be spent on making permanent upgrades to you spaceship for the game.

Gimme Space comes with a few great Multiplayer options. You can play locally, on one device, with one other person. You can also connect over Wifi or Bluetooth to play with as many friends have the app installed on their devices!

Finally, Gimme Space comes with Game Center built-in, so you can compare your scores with everyone else playing, and even send challenges to your friends!

Gimme Space is an exciting new addition to Mangum Labs' lineup of great apps, and it should be hitting the App Store soon. Stay tuned!

Bag Claim: Mangum Labs' newest app!

Bag Claim: Our newest app!

Mangum Labs is releasing its newest app, Bag Claim. Bag Claim is a game that puts you in control of a luggage carousel in an airport.

In Bag Claim, your job is to sort the bags that are rapidly spewing out of the machine to all the waiting passengers who just got off their flights. Hurry though, because if you aren't fast enough, the passengers will get angry. And if you're really too slow, game over.

After each round, you are gifted coins based on your performance. Coins can be used in the Shop to purchase "Shop Packs," which include custom bag and passenger skins. Packs range from the "More Bags" pack to the really prestigious "Presidential Pack." Don't have enough dough? Not to worry, coins can also be purchased for real money if you want to progress really quickly.

Bag Claim also comes
with full music controls and several options for catchy music to listen to as you play.

Bag Claim is coming to the app store soon, likely within the week. Make sure to follow for the latest news on the development of Mangum Labs games, and to be the first to know once Bag Claim hits the app store.

TVParty Apple TV App

Our First App!

TVParty is an app full of simple party games that you can play with your friends and family on the new Apple TV.  Using your new Apple TV's remote, 'swipe', 'tilt', 'shake', and 'press' to complete challenges and earn the high score.  TVParty was build by the MangumLabs team, a family who enjoys building and playing apps together.

The first version of TVParty has four exciting game modes that can be played play.  We plan on adding a multi-player 'party play' mode as well as other game options soon!

Here are the games that you can play:


Try to complete as many challenges as you can before the time runs out.


How many challenges in a row can you complete correctly without making any mistakes?


Can you remember what's next in a long sequence of challenges?


How quickly can you complete 25 challenges?  Are you faster than your friends?